According to the organisation Ibiza Produce, only 2% of the food consumed locally is actually grown on the island. You may ask, how can this be the case when we are blessed with more than 300 days of glorious sunshine and fertile soil, offering such potential for culinary abundance?

Throughout the seasons we are gifted with beautiful scenes of organic fruits and vegetables growing across the land. Sadly, much of this food will not be eaten, since we as consumers are not purchasing enough local produce, and consequently vendors keep choosing to buy cheap imported produce, which is often genetically modified, and comes with a large carbon footprint. It is such a shame to see all this quality food, packed full with essential nutrients, go to waste. More so, when the Balearic Islands recently experienced extreme storm conditions, it left shops empty, as carrier flights were cancelled from the mainland. Now this shows just how vulnerable we are if we continue to solely support foreign food suppliers 

Within the Collective, we work with pioneers who can offer the production infrastructures to produce cost efficient local products. An example of this is our partnership with Frutos Secos Ibiza, who produced our famous Carob Syrup recipe, and it's this syrup that we are now working with to produce an alternative healthy Coca-Cola


​We are partnering with a local Juicery who produces fresh organic juices, and has a production plant, and a shop located in Ibiza. We are launching three ‘SPECIAL EDITION Greenheart Ibiza juices’, which are fresh combinations of 100% local fruit and vegetables. A percentage from the sales of these juices will be used to finance our local food and agriculture group, which is dedicated to developing nutritional recipes that benefit both people and our planet



MOTIVATOR Smoothie: Strawberry, Banana & Hemp  

INNOVATOR Milkshake: Creamy Carob, Almond & Oat

REGENERATOR Juice: Aloe Vera, Honey, Lemon & Mint


We are also developing an all natural fresh-frozen quality cocktail line. To produce these, we store the fresh local juice combinations in freezers powered by solar energy. We then serve them up at local bars and restaurants as frozen slushies and ice lollies, which eliminates the need for unnecessary wastage of both food and energy!



(alcoholic and non alcoholic options)

Local Alcohol Partner - My Organic Spirits




These product developments are designed to encourage land owners to grow more crops, including new types of produce, which haven't traditionally been grown on the island, but which have amazing health benefits, and are in global demand. As a Collective we are able to gain a financial commitment from the local business community for farmers to harvest at scale, which results in more nutrition and value to the consumer, more natural resources kindly delivered to us by nature, and more profits for farmers and suppliers to enjoy. It's a WIN WIN WIN scenario!





As a way of increasing awareness and demand for local produce, our team are working with our members (including popular Chefs of local cafés and restaurants) and Publishers, to co-create an eye-catching local recipe book. This will be comprised of healthy dishes and ingredients that you can buy from local eco-food shops and organic farms, or if cooking isn't your thing, you can taste them at the participating local cafés and restaurants. We are also planning to offer food workshops and tours for anyone who would like to learn more about these amazing local food creations. Check out our ‘Events’ section for regular updates 



Essential oils are concentrated natural plant extracts and are used for health and well-being, in the context of emotional support, or as an alternative medicine. They are also used for personal care products and home cleaning products.

A great many wild herbs and medicinal plants grow on the Balearic Islands as the moderate climate makes it easy for them to thrive and flourish. We would like to put these magical plants to good use, by offering a blend of organic, ethically produced essential oils for everyone to benefit from. We are currently speaking with local partners to make this happen, so watch this space, or contact us if you are looking for an opportunity to get involved with this project



The main sources of natural plant materials for apparel are cotton, hemp, flax, jute and bamboo fibres. Considering our present and predicted climatic conditions, one of the crops we would like to grow more of, is Industrial Hemp. Apart from the fact that this plant removes a lot of carbon from the atmosphere, it only needs between 3 - 4 months to complete its growing cycle, so could in fact produce two crops per year from the same piece of land. Also it grows so quickly, that most common weeds cannot interfere with its progress and it does not require any genetic modifications. Even better it is a 100% renewable resource and it regenerates the soil without the need for any artificial chemical fertilizers, or harmful pesticides

There are more than 50,000 commercial products which can be extracted from this incredible ‘weed’. Products such as fibre beams and blocks for eco-construction, all kinds of paper and cardboard items (including eco-packaging materials), high fashion and working clothes, biofuels and eco-lubricants, plus a whole range of highly nutritional medicinal and food products (Hemp contains an edible protein and all kinds of important amino acids, as well as Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids!). In addition to all these qualities it can be used to make a multitude of biodegradable substitutes for oil based plastics, which have become an almost insurmountable problem worldwide

In summary, Hemp is an all-round generous and regenerative formula for repairing our damaged planetary ecosystems, and should be considered an ideal cultivation when discussing ways to ensure a more resilient local community

GOOD NEWS! Due to recent changes in agricultural laws, it is now completely legal to grow and process the Hemp plant in most European countries

We are currently setting up an agricultural project to increase the growth of natural materials on the Balearic Islands, and for the upcoming season our ‘sustainable style and design team’ have created a stunning collection of ethically sourced organic clothing to raise consciousness of our purchase decision making powers – by choosing to buy products made from natural materials, instead of synthetic resources, you will be supporting a circular local economy, and a contribution of the sales will finance the local cultivation of Industrial Hemp. More details on this project to follow!

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