The Ibiza Ecolandia Centre is an interactive and entertaining way of showcasing ecological education and innovation to tourists, student groups, local residents and all those interested in ecological progress. We are inviting people to play a part in being the solution - serving as a pilot model of environmental education, the purpose of this project is to teach people a new form of self-sustaining behaviour, to improve their personal impact on the environment. 

The project proposes to create a centre of ecological, educational and commercial activities where people are inspired by the multitude of possibilities and benefits that a more sustainable way of life has to offer. Activities include:

  • The exhibition and sales of all types of natural products from the Pitiusas Islands (and from other origins, where a fair-trading agreement has been made between the producer and the vendor), including food, drinks, herbs and traditional medicines, music, crafts and art

  • The investigation, development, exhibition and sale of systems using nonpolluting natural resources, such as solar and wind energy, hydraulics and biomass, amongst others…

  • The demonstration of bioclimatic construction practices and the sale of environmentally friendly building materials

  • The recovery and reutilisation of recyclable material for construction and the creation of useful objects, as well as making art with recycling

  • The use of, exhibition and sale of recycling systems for sewage and waste water, including composting and permaculture

  • The presentation of the whole methodology concerning natural health, with exhibition, services and point of sale products

The Ecolandia centre will be open to the public and located in a sufficiently large area, with easy access to the main roads.

Traditional and modern bioclimatic architecture will be represented in the future construction of the centre, where visitors will be able to enjoy an exhibition of Ibicenco history and culture, an exhibition and sales department for ecological technology and other resource-saving merchandise, a centre of environmental education and investigation, an ecological supermarket, restaurant and snack bar, a local and international artisan market, a centre of natural health (herb shop, gym, sauna, jacuzzi and massage rooms etc) and a children’s park with games focused on ecology, all surrounded by beautiful natural spaces and recreational areas, with cultivation’s of medicinal plants, fruit trees and landscaped gardens

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