Where Love Island meets Casita Verde, featuring Chris Dews as the voice over!

Currently approaching Netflix and in talks with a very cool Media Production company

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We are developing a Greenheart Ibiza mobile application (free download) that will offer tourists and residents an exclusive guide on responsible tourism activities in Ibiza - an engaging eco hub for people to be aware of events, and to have the right resources to make informed conscious choices on which products and services to purchase, to support the development of eco friendly infrastructures, and the circular economy


The app navigation will guide you intuitively through many different sections, from gastronomy, history, design and architecture, to outdoor nature activities, interactive workshops, eco shopping and property management tips and advice


The app functionality will have a built in data management system with community interaction, gamification and GPS map intelligence, branded and beautifully designed to facilitate the connection and the communication flow between the user and the relevant organisations and companies providing the content, along with offering exciting eco rewards

Through a simple yet sophisticated user interface, tourists and residents will be encouraged to contribute to the maintenance and preservation of Ibiza’s natural biodiversity. The copy will have a positive tone of voice and it will inspire people to develop good sustainability practices and respectful behaviours relating to waste management, land regeneration, water-saving, natural energy resources and alternative transport etc

We aim to attract the growing number of tourists and residents who are looking for ways to improve their impact on the environment in what they consume, and who want to discover more of Ibiza’s natural beauty, in addition to participating in fun community events and eco-educational workshops – these are the kind of people who are already aware of the importance of eating local organic food, and the need for regenerative economic development, and who choose to stay in country houses, agroturismos, ecological B&Bs and campsites to be in harmony with nature, and to respect the unique culture of the Island



Safe and fun outdoor walking, running and cycling routes across the beautiful countryside of Ibiza. Our app will provide scenic trail maps which you can follow, and our Greenheart signage will mark the routes to guide you along the way. Or why not try one of our nature scavenger hunts or adventure games, suitable for both adults and children, also available on our app

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