Performance WITH A Purpose

Dance is an International language and it has the power to communicate a wide variety of emotions - to delve more into our humanity, and to create new ways of reflecting on the world. On a community level we relate to others not just with language, but with gestures and physical contact. Through music and movement we can connect deeply to ourselves, and to others

Dance is the creative language that derives from the soul to raise consciousness


For the upcoming holiday season, Dance Mojo is working with talented choreographers, dancers and actors in Ibiza to produce some creative videos and flash mobs at high profile events around the Island

The aim of these flash mobs is to deliver uplifting performances that stir emotions and make people broadcast and THINK about our actions, and what effect these are having on the planet. The artful and immersive story telling will encourage visitors to respect Ibiza's nature and the planet's life threatening ecosystem. We aim to influence a culture that encourages responsible behaviour so we can lessen the burden of our community clean-up teams, who regularly volunteer their time to pick up other people's rubbish

If you would like to participate in a flash mob event then please join our Arts & Entertainment group where we regularly meet to create and share ideas on ways to communicate powerful messages for impact, through music, dance and theatre performance

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